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is an association of  approximately 3000 psychologists, allied scientists, and others, who are interested in the application of research on the psychological aspects of important social issues to public policy solutions.



  • See the 2015 SPSSI conference schedule here.  Registration is now open!
  • Due to an overwhelming response, our Legislative Engagement Day is at capacity.
  • SPSSI issued an official statement condemning the use of torture as detailed in the recently released Senate Intelligence Committee Report.  
  • SPSSI's new "Viewpoints" page showcases the views of seven SPSSI members on the psychological dimensions of unaccompanied minors emigrating to the U.S., and includes brief audio recordings from each contributor.
  • New! Call for Volunteers - Two openings for SPSSI Non-Governmental Representatives at the United Nations. Click here for more info
  • Why do some people seem to care more than others about making human rights a priority for US foreign policy? SPSSI's Sam McFarland discussed this and other human rights topics before an audience of 100 on Capitol Hill on October 8, 2014. Representative Jim McGovern provided introductory remarks. For a video of the event, see here.  McFarland's Human Rights 101, a brief, college-level introduction to the topic, is available here.
  • Milgram's famous experiments on obedience were published 50 years ago. New research suggests we have been misinterpreting their meaning ever since.
  • Five SPSSI members offer their thoughts on the troubling developments in Ferguson, MO, where two weeks ago a police officer shot and killed an unarmed young black man named Michael Brown.
  • Watch our Video Blog on the Journal of Social Issues Vol 70 Issue 1: Social Exlusion of Children.
  • SPSSI has been an accredited NGO at the United Nations since 1987. Learn more about our ongoing UN activities.
  • Join your colleagues on the SPSSI Listserv, where you can keep up with discussion and debate on social issues, and get announcements and updates of interest. This listserv is open to SPSSI members and non-members alike.

SPSSI's Peer-Reviewed Journals
  • Help SPSSI promote our publications: JSI, ASAP and SIPR. Click here.
  • The complete digital library of SPSSI's scholarly journals, beginning with the premier 1945 issue of JSI, is now available for download at Wiley Online Library.


Through the Journal of Social Issues, SPSSI is able to bring behavioral and social science theory, empirical evidence, and practice into focus on important  human problems.

JSI is published quarterly. Each issue is devoted to a single topic, and available in electronic and print format.



Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy  is an outlet of social science scholarship for social action and policy. It serves a global audience of policy makers and advocates as well as social scientists, students, and the public.

Articles are published electronically as soon as they are accepted and then printed at the end of every calendar year.


Social Issues and Policy Review is an annual publication featuring high quality review articles on cutting-edge topics relevant to social issues and social policy.

SIPR has been in publication since 2007. Each issue includes both theoretical and empirical reviews of policy-relevant research.


For policy news, notes, event listings, and resources, check out the latest updates on the SPSSI Policy News Feed by clicking the RSS icon at the top left side of the SPSSI web page.  If you are interested in having SPSSI-related policy information sent direct to your inbox, send an e-mail to “opt-in” to the Policy List.

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